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January 10, 2013
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Jan 10, 2013, 6:06:25 AM
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The Duelists by Firecharmess The Duelists by Firecharmess
Finally done!The sketch is finished,and my pencils are alive!Unfortunatly,I had to use the Nero tools to fix up the drawing a little,so that you guys can see it better,but it still looks epic!
At first,I just wanted to take one color,and color whatever I needed to color with it,but I realized that it's juts not gonna work like that,so I had to color 1 person/dragon at a time.It took me 30 minutes to work out the line problems.Here is how long I did who;

1:30 - 2:00- Atem (The only problem I had was the shirt,considering the chains were in my way)
2:00 - 2:10- Mahad (He was no problem at all.)
2:10 - 2:24- Yugi (He wasn't too hard,the only problem I ran into was the duel disk,but that wasn't so bad.)
2:24 - 2:33- Silent Magician (She was easy.In the end,I decided yo do the anime colors,because I felt like it :3 )
2:37 - 2:55- Judai/Jaden (No problems at all,has to be the best duel disk ever!)
2:55 - 3:02- Elemental Hero Neos (Here it got a little tricky,because he and Stardust have some elements that look the same.)

(A little break to eat something,and give my back a rest.)

3:53 - 4:10- Yusei (here,I noticed that I was missing a part of his jacket,so I had to draw that in)
4:10 - 4:13- Stardust Dragon (No problems here whatsoever.)
4:13 - 4:42- Kaiba (He took most of my time away.I had to use 2 different brown colors to color his hair,but I think it turned out pretty good.)
4:42 - 4:49- Blue Eyes White Dragon (He was one of the easy ones.)
4:49 - 4:59- Chazz (I had to take 2 minutes to decide on what to do about his hair.)
4:59 - 5:05- Armored Dragon (He wasn't too bad,the hardest part was remembering what it's name was,lol)
5:05 - 5:15- Jack (I realized that I don't have the right color to color his suit,so I had to combine 2 colors in order to do it)
5:15 - 5:22- Red Daemon's Dragon (He gave me trouble with his wings,I had to combine red and black in order to color him right.)

And then I had to figure out how to take a photo properly,and write all of this.It wasn't too bad.I hope you like it!7

Also,I would like to thank the person who posted this picture on the site [link] .The image is amazing,and it really made me feel like I want to try and do something dinamic,and this was a real good way to improve my skill.Thank you once more!
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The best darn picture I've ever seen on dA. This must have taken a lot of effort then, aw your poor hands.
Totally worth is though. This is definitely AWESOME!

You've definitely again put plenty of practice into the detail, the lighter and darker shading is placed appropriately to give it more impact and immersion so you feel like a battle is about to take place right in front of you. The outlines are very well done and I've yet to notice any errors in your lines. Every character is fully detailed too as far as I know with every little bit included. A very fine piece I must say :clap:
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Ravena6666 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
WOW, EMMA-CHI!!! This is amazing.
Firecharmess Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Hehe,thanks Ravena-bozu. =p
Ravena6666 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
MissDancingFlame Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
My Favourite !!
Firecharmess Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
It took me forever,but it looks so awsome,I don't care!
GuardianOfCliffton Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
In but a few words, absolutely stunning!
In many more words...
This is amazing! The color and shading are well done, and are a great addition to the original sketch; they complete this piece and bring even more life to the scene; similar to what ~Shadowkiin had mentioned, you can feel the duel about to take place.
I'm still amazed by how close your line-work look to the actual anime, and the colors you had to combine to create certain colors was a good strategy and paid off well. ^^
Choosing to use Silent Magician's anime color scheme, does make this drawing a bit more unique. On that same subject, I wonder if she feels a bit lonely...being the only girl in the whole image ^^;...(depending on if you consider Blue-Eyes as Kisara or not)...
Armored you by chance mean "Armed Dragon" [link] ? If so, which level; 3, 5, 7, or 10?
Red Daemon Dragon? Ah, nice touch to Red Dragon Archfiend's English name. :nod:

Overall, this is a really great piece, and it's definitely going in the :+fav: folder I have for your artworks. ^^
I also like how you described what you did, and took down the times for it; that reminds me very much of how I write down my image descriptions; I love the organization. ^-^ (In my case, fastidious organization FTW ;P)

After such a detail drawing, I hope you are feeling okay; it sounds like it was a bit hard on your back :worry: *Softly rubs your shoulders and back, looking to you with some concern.* At least you were able to get a break in between working on this.

(OH, and, I really hope this is not an offense...and maybe it's just my computer...but, even though the photo is bright and the colors are good, it looks a bit blurred the camera shook slightly when capturing the this just my computer and eyesight that makes me see this blur?)
Firecharmess Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Eve,thanks you.
I am glad to hear that you can actually feel like the duel is happening right now!Wile coloring,I myself could see the characters 'come to life' sort of speak.
The combos of the colors took most of my time,I think...Once I realized that I didn't have the exact same colors,I started to panic a little bit,but then I thought I can just combine them,so it wasn't too bad.
Yeah,at first I did want to do her in the original colors,but I felt like she was not gonna feel 'real enough' sort of speak (and I consider Blue Eyes Kisara,to be honest).
Whoops....And lvl 10,of course.It would have been smaller.
That's what it says on my card...At least that's what I can read. *finds the card and reads it again* Yup,it says like that on my card....

Oh,thank you!
Yeah,I decided to be a little more organized this time,since the coloring itself took some organization.I had a little help later on from my brother,he told me the exact time,and wrote down what I needed him on a piece of paper.He also sharpened some of my pencils,and got me some snacks in the meantime,to boost my energy.

Yeah,and it wasn't too hard on my back.I just have those moments when I am bent too much,in which case I usually lie down on my carpet,just to make it feel better again.

(No offence.I really couldn't make the picture anything better.I h=didn't have a good lighting,so I had to figure something out.No matter how many times I made the picture,it would always be blurred,so I had to make it at least a little better.I tried to sharpen it,but meh...)
GuardianOfCliffton Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Eve? You're welcome. ^^
This scene you have drawn and colored contains much action; it's hard not to see how alive it is. :nod: Oh, well that is great; being able to feel your own drawings come to life when coloring them, is a great feeling to have. :meow:
Ah, okay. Having had to face not having the right colors that I want, many times over the years, I've gotten used to having to try and combine and mix colors; I usually do it on a scrap piece of paper before touching the main artwork, while experimenting. I'm glad you found a way to combine them in a way that worked out great. :iconcongratssignplz:
Hmm, not "real enough" as in, because the colors you gave her are what is in the anime, thus more real and moving than the card?...or more real as in standing out and contrasting better, since both Neos and Stardust would have also been basically the same colors, and she would have blended in too much? Also, regarding the anime...maybe it was just the 4kids version, but I thought they made Silent Magician out to be male, in the anime, even though the card is female? :shrug: (Ah, okay, good to know. I just was wondering since you referred to Blue-Eyes as "he" in your image description.)
It's okay, simple mistake; it is an armor covered dragon after all. ^^; (easy enough to fix by clicking the button to "Edit" the image description) Level 10, okay. When you say "It would have been smaller." are you referring to the other levels would have been smaller, thus why you chose LV 10?
Hmm *puts hand to chin in thought...then goes to dig into the box where my collection binders are, digs down carefully, pulls out Legendary Collection 1 binder, flips to page...* Yet, my card reads "Red Dragon Archfiend" *Replaces everything back to storage* Do you have the OCG (Japanese) card, or a Serbian version? Maybe that's why it's different. :shrug:

You're very welcome. :meow:
Well, I think it looks very good; this fastidious person (me) approves. ;P
Aww, that was very nice of him; I'm happy he was willing and helped you out in those kind ways. ^^

Mmm, *still looks to you with concern* I understand, since I've been in similar situations when bending over like that, to get an image colored just so; it can be painful to stay in any awkward position too long, and when you tense up trying not to make a mistake, it doesn't help. >,> I'm relieved you have ways of being able to feel better.
(I promise, if I was able to, I'd seriously try my best to help you feel better; rubbing your shoulder, or your back; I'd only want to help...)

(Oh...I'm sorry. Camera's can be so cruel at times, especially when they don't get good lighting, and just make you, the photographer, pay for it, with their ill cooperation. -_- Was there no sun the day you photoed, or was it dark at the time? (Looking at the camera data it was 6:06 a.m. wow, you were up very early...maybe that's was still dark. :shrug:) Nevertheless, it's still means my eyesight isn't going as bad as I thought.)
Firecharmess Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Sure is.I think the most realistic one was that Slifer I did.That thing really looks lite the real deal.
Yeah,I do the same thing with my colors.I like using Maped colors the most,but I sometimes have to use the Stadler colors too.And combining can work out pretty well.I also do it on a scrap piece of paper,and then when I am satisfied,color the drawing.
I guess that she just didn't look as real to me,so I decided to do it in the anime colors.And I added a bit of blue shading on Neos and Stardust,but,of course,it's hard to see on the camera.Maybe I will update it,if I ever get a scanner.
So,I am not the only one who thinks that!I mean,when I first watched the episode,I was like; That Silent Magician is such a cute little fella.And then,I saw the grown up version,and I was like; Wait,that's a girl?!...Akward....(I did?Whoops ^^; )
Hehe,true...I can fix that.And yes,I am.
Serbian version...I should fix that too -_-

Hehe,thanks for the approval,then.
Me too.He was even willing to put up with my Justin Bieber music,and he hates him,haha.Poor little fella(I say little,but he is taller than me -_-).But,I let him also pick some songs that I don't like so we are quit.

It is pretty good now,so I don't think that I have anything to worry about.I am glad my carpet is soft,hehe.
(No need,I'm fine)

(No sun,but the lighting wasn't so bad.The problem was,I always take pics on my floor,and this time I couldn't do that,because no matter which angle I was in,my shadow could be seen.So in the end,I taped it to the door,and took the picture.(And it was p.m.,the camera is showing the wrong time again))
GuardianOfCliffton Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
^^ Especially when you drew Slifer in such a large scale; surely it must feel like he could pop out of the page being so big, colorful, and well drawn. ^^
Ah, okay. I've not heard of those brands, and I only have Crayola, Prismacolor, and some other sets of old, no name ones. Sadly not all blend together that well, but the Crayola ones seem to blend/mix the best, with other pencils of the same brand. Yep, waiting to get a color that your satisfied with can take some time. The worst part is when you blend something and decide it looks okay, but after you apply it to the official image, it doesn't look as good. (has happened to me on occasion)
Oh, okay. I've seen her mostly in the card's colors, so I guess that's why I prefer them...but that's just my opinion, and you colors still look good for her. Ah, I see...well, I wish you luck in getting a scanner one day, and I will look forward to seeing the updated image. ^^
(OH, I just thought of something...feel free to smack me upside the head for how inpractical it is. >,> ...but, if there was only a way to "efficiently" mail me your images...I could try and scan them with my scanner, then email you the scanner files, as well as mail you back your original images. Sadly, as I'm afraid it is, it's impractical and would be too expensive...and risky -_-...b-but it's the thought that counted, right? )
Even in the anime, when Silent Magician Levels up, 4Kids censored it so badly, that she still looks male in the anime. When I first go my Silent Magician LV 8 card, I was shocked to see the female "characteristics" and I wonder for a while if it was correct. Even Silent Magician LV4 was debated over what gender it was, but LV8 confirmed it was in fact, a "she."
(It's okay, it is just another simple fix in image description Editing, to change the "he" to "she" ^^)
Alright. ^^ Ah, okay. :nod:
Oh, okay; that's something I've never seen before, a Serbian Yugioh card. ^^; Well, it's not necessary; I've heard "Red Daemon Dragon" as just as legit as the Americanized name...besides, "Red Daemon Dragon" gives it a bit more flare anyway. ^^

No problem. :icondignitylaughplz:...;P
Ah, well as least there was a way to compromise in certain things. (When you say "Poor little fella," who do you refer to; your brother, or Bieber?)

Ah, okay; that's comforting to hear.
(Oh...w-well...the promise still holds, regarding wanting to help you feel better, at any time you'd need it, in the future...Unless, such a promise is uncomfortable to you...:worry:)

(Ah, okay. I also know that predicament quite well; definitely frustrating. At least you figured out a solution. Ohhh >,> so it was evening, and now sun because it had set, not the lack of sun becaue it hadn't risen. The time correction also makes a bit more sense, since, I don't recall you getting up a quite that early of a time, and for you to be up at that hour, just to take a picture, something didn't add up. The camera's time being off would answer the confusion. Is there any way you can find to adjust the internal clock of the camera? Some sort of menu or settings you can access?)
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